Looking back at 2014 – it was a BLAST!

My head is so full of stuff that I barely know where to start. Doing
this chronologically would be the best I think. Back on NewYear 2014
I released my V1.0 of the Fujiology Archive. The feedback to the
archive was less enthusiastic as I have hoped. Maybe there are just
too few people left to get huge feedback. The other reason might be
that it simply wasn’t recognized by a big part of the possible interested people.

The launch of demozoo.org was another big thing at the beginning
of the year. Finally we could show people what we have worked on
all the years before.

Fujiology V2.0 – I immediatly continued to work on my archive and
added several subsections for other systems during the first few
months of the year: Atari 8bit, VCS 2600, Lynx, TT and CD-Rom (Graphics
are planned too). I also integrated some other projects into the
database: Composerlist (I merged all composers from SAP, SNDH and
Fading Twilight into ONE database), Fading Twilight, SNDH and SAP.

Over the last few month I added nearly the complete contents of
SNDH Archive (completely entered except unknown), SAP Archive (completely
entered except misc, games, unknown) as well as Fading Twilight
(completely entered except demo/games section) into Demozoo!
That alone was a HELL OF A JOB!

Every time when I enter a release date for a production in demozoo I try to
remember what I was doing that day. I hardly remember any of them. That
shows me how important it is to enter everything into my scene memory 🙂
Around May demozoo got a new feature: the Pack function! That was a huge
improvement and I started to dissect all the Atari ST compact discs. Many
many treasures have been unearthed by doing that. I managed to decrypt most
of the pack contents until the end of the year. THAT was another MASSIVE task!


Asle / AMP

for the ÜBERMASSIVE mod rips and hardcore XYZ-to-Protracker conversions
(NTK = Nullostracker, Photontracker, etc…)! Hardly to describe what you did
this year… for some of the rips and conversions I have waited for over
10 years and I already never thought it will ever happen.


Maartau / NoExtra

…for hundreds of great cracktro-rips!!! Huge load of stuff!
Without your supplies I wouldn’t be so far by now!

I also have to thank a couple of people who supported the scene in 2014:

Lowlife/Hotline – Killing Spree, Maziac, No Buddies Land (Dealerdemo)

Bob_er/MEC – for supplying some XL intros and for adding lots of infos

JAC/WUDSN – for teaching me to rip XL cracktros. Superpatience! 🙂

Brume – for many info’s and rare menu intro supplies

mOdmate/Checkpoint – for many rarities and some cracktro and bootsector rips

Troed/Sync – for some rarities

Jake/Depression – for sending in many rarities.

Slimer/DBA – for adding lotsa infos to the DBA magazines.

Spiny/Torment – for imaging so many “new” disks

MUG U.K. – for some rarities 🙂

Marcer – for lots of new cracktros and other stuff

mOa – for some rare stuff

…and everybody I forgot!

So what can we expect from 2015? I am planning to release FUJIOLOGY V2.0 at
STNICCC 2015 in december. You will get a 30GB+ archive that will contain
all the known stuff plus Fading Twilight and the partyarchive! This is my
legacy and the work of a lifetime. Things will slow down after the release
but I will still continue to work on it and do the maintenance. Please don’t
stop sending bug reports and new stuff.

Stay Atari

Lotek Style / The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation

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