So long ago, so clear
(Vangelis, from Heaven and Hell, 1975)



T.S.C.C. stands for THE SIRIUS CYBERNETICS CORPORATION and it was founded in december 1990 by MC ‘ATOMIC’ LASER (later renamed to LOTEK STYLE) and MC VILLAGE. The name comes from DOUGLAS ADAMS brilliant book ‘The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’. In the beginning T.S.C.C. only was a music-project for electronic music but with the years it splitted up into different sections. In this history I leave out the unimportant bits for the atari users. If you are really interested in those parts of our past then get our little ‘MEMORIES OF THE PAST‘ diskmag for the Atari ST range of computers.


In the end of 1991 we added a new member called SCY to our memberlist who helped us a lot with things concerning computers (ATARI ST, what else?). One month another member joined our posse called DARKMAN who supported several projects at that time. At the 02.07.1992 we added another new member called GRAFITTI ARTIST (female) who did several graphics on paper for several projects. Some of them can be found scanned in ‘EINE GRUPPE JUNGER KONSERVATIVER VON SIRIUS B‘ and on this website. At the 14.08.1992 we made our first T.S.C.C.-shirts with grafix by GRAFITTI ARTIST. In April 1993 we released our first module compilation and so it really started! For all our releases and release dates please read our softography. Somewhere from august to december 1993 we added 2 new members called DYNACORE and CYBERNETIC BRAIN MUSIX (CBM). New projects where started and some more modcompiles were released.


Then in 1994 we released DYNABUSTERS+! Our greatest success! This game openened many gates to the scene for us and nearly over night our name was known throughout europe and the world. In 1995 we attended the FRIED BITS 3 Convention in Bremen, Germany, where we released a 96ktro for Atari Falcon called TERRORISE YOUR SOUL together with INTER and NEW LINE and this dentro ranked 1ST PLACE! Pushed by this success we started with more projects.

In late 1995 we peacefully kicked out some members of the group and at the 27.+28.12.1995 T.S.C.C. was buried with a final cybernight! Some weeks T.S.C.C. layed on ice and we really thought it is dead. We talked about several things and finally reactivated the group but new and improved as an atari only crew. Some months later we added a new member called LLAMA who soon proved his coding skills!


In the beginning of 1997 we received a letter from mOd of .tnb. He asked us if he can join us and we agreed. So .tSCc. had 5 members up to this date. We were full of motivation and prepared ourself for the next battle…ehm convention, a silly one… the SILIconvention97 in Bremen! We prepared a new 96ktro for Falcon called SIX SIEVERT. The first production with graphics from mOd. Well the party was fucking cool but the competition results killed our hearts… There were not enough 96ktros on atari so they mixed up the systems for that compo… and without being arrogant… a blind could have seen that our dentro was outstanding! … Ok, Llama won the 4ktro competition with his BUGBLATTERBEAST (bumbmapping on a simple STF), but we only ranked 4th in the introcompo… hmm… man I cannot describe how we felt… but we had to accept it… but a few days later the results got released and what?!?!? WE WERE FIRST!!! That damn lamers made a mistake or were corrupted or whatever… and a few days later the OFFICIAL results were released… HA! You DAMN MOTHERFUCKERS don´t really think WE believe that???


Well, after all that crap our coders lost their motivation and it seemed that our group will die out slowly… and I have to admit the group suffered under the lack of motivation and so we didn´t release much stuff after that party… Nevertheless I made new T-Shirts for our group with cool gfx by mOd. Some more modcompiles (we reached Nr. 15 in the end) were released until 1998… On Interjam 1998 we released one of our last demos… again a 4ktro for Atari ST by LLAMA called BABELFISH which only ranked third as far as I remember. After the InterJAM98 our coders were completely in stasis. In summer mOd and a few others travelled to poland to one of the biggest atari events in that year, the QUAST party… Surprisingly he beat up all amiga and pc graphicsman in the graphicscompo and made FIRST place! ROCKA! In the beginning of 1999 mOd left the band coz of the inactivity of all the coders to work independent… but later on joined Checkpoint.


At the EIL99 I released a little Soundchipdemo called SONGS OF DISTANT EARTH, which was coded for me by TAO of CREAM. I count this one not as a real .tSCc. release coz I only made the tunes for it… I was fed up with .tSCc. and wanted to bury it when the year reached it´s end… ten years are enough I thought… but… during the year… I dunno why… I changed my mind completely… coz somehow we stuck together and .tSCc. will always be a computer group which roots are atari, even they are now working on other systems. At this moment I started the biggest project of the group ever: FADING TWILIGHT.


In march 2000, Moondog – former Poets of Decay joined our band as gfxman and mag-editor for his newly planned diskmagazine. In June 2000 we did some kind of deal with the Acorn/PC crew iCEBiRD. MC LASER joined iCEBiRD for musics and GIZMO/iCEBiRD joined tSCc for graphics! In october 2000 another new member joined our forces. RAY/RD-Developments abandoned his old label and teamed up with our crew as a new 68k coder! December 2000… Unseen Fate/Jasoft^The Corporation^Pragma from Finland joined our crew as another grafixman… tSCc goes international 😉 So we reached the highest member status since tSCc was founded 10 years ago.


February 2001. Our recruiting campaign seems to work. CREATURE XL, former Atari 8-bit only coder now joined our forces to code on ST/FALCON aswell. Many things changed and we got one new member called REMO, who joined us in november 2001. At the same time we decided to kick UNSEEN FATE because we never heard of him again and he didn’t even react to any e-mails.

Missing years will be added soon 🙂



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