Bitjam Episode #175 – Fading Twilight Special

Episode #175 – Fading Twilight Special
What is Fading Twilight? Fading Twilight is the biggest archive of music from the Atari Scene, which was collected by Lotek Style/.tSCc. It mostly contains digital music (mod, mp3, wav etc) from Atari demos and games. You will find many unreleased tunes from popular Atari musicans, as well as a big collection of music players for various platforms, including Atari.
We are going to present you some well-known music and some more unknown ones that you only would find if you dig deeper into the archive.
Feel free to download the archive at: – Share and enjoy!

Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #175 by Bracket, compiled by Lotek Style

Track List:

01. !Cube – Translucent Worlds
Pouet: Happy New Year 1994

02. Badsnail – Sound of Electrostones
Badsnail only composes music when it rains.

03. Rhino – Sick
Pouet: Music Disk 01

04. Ryan – Journey of Solos
Pouet: The Snowman
Pretty much based on “Walking in the air” by Aled Jones which was samples in the
legendary SNOWMAN Demo on Atari ST which turned into cult-status.

05. Aio – Wait
Pouet: Wait

06. Chromex – Spirit Source

07. Gozer – Meltec V2.4
Pouet: Compact Disk #065

08. Tao – Stella Polaris (Ultra Remake)

09. Djamm – Blue Dolphin

10. Timbral – Elektronika Shox (Outline Edit)
Pouet: Outline 2006 invite

11. Rubbish – Serious Damage Bringers

12. Seabrush – Dance of the Robot

13. Tommy – You are Maybe
Pouet: Untitled (Enraged)

14. Toodeloo – Summer Rain
“This is to me the most beautiful song that Toodeloo ever did. An outstanding masterpiece and a true
hidden gem of the fading twilight archive. Rest in Peace Toodeloo.”

Total playing time: 57:57


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