Silly Venture 2013 Roundup

Hello World!

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is very proud to have supported this year’s Silly Venture event with
various releases. First of all we presented our first bigger demo-release since eons called “FUJIOLOGY”.
It is the second coding effort from our new member INSANE who was also present at the party. We’d like
to announce our forthcoming atari demoarchive (FUJIOLOGY ARCHIVE V1.0) with this release.


Insane – Code
Ukko – Graphics
Bracket – Graphics
Lotek Style – Music, Graphics

tscc-fujiology_001 tscc-fujiology_002 tscc-fujiology_003 tscc-fujiology_004 tscc-fujiology_005 tscc-fujiology_006 tscc-fujiology_007 tscc-fujiology_008 tscc-fujiology_009 tscc-fujiology_010 tscc-fujiology_011 tscc-fujiology_012 tscc-fujiology_013 tscc-fujiology_014 tscc-fujiology_015 tscc-fujiology_016 tscc-fujiology_017

Furthermore we released the following graphics and musics:

HeadsetĀ  by Lotek Style
(Atari ST Graphic)

Fujiology Archivist by Lotek Style
(Atari ST Chiptune)

Ataribots Rising (Infogrammes Takeover Mix) by Lotek Style
(MP3 Streaming Music)

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